Lodge & Gardens

Tucked away in the peaceful hamlet of La Danchère and within easy reach of Grenoble, Lyon, or Geneva, Lauvitel Lodge operates in Summer as a boutique hotel with 10 individual guest rooms and in Winter offers chalet-style self-catering accommodation for family gatherings and groups of up to 26 guests.

Throughout the year, Lauvitel Lodge retreats and workshops combine wellbeing practices such as yoga and t’ai chi, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, and massage with being outdoors in nature and benefiting from the stillness, power and beauty of the mountains. Whatever brings you here, you will find ample time and space to reconnect with yourself and the support and guidance you need.

Lauvitel Lodge
Garden Café & Bar
The Stillpoint
The Deck
The Labyrinth
The Secret Garden

Lauvitel Lodge

A magical haven to rest and revitalise

Lauvitel Lodge's cosy guest rooms, delicious and healthy home-cooked food, and attentive staff are here to make your stay unforgettable. 

The landscaped gardens and the Lodge's many intriguing spaces and features create the perfect setting to experience extraordinary moments of peace and tranquility. The spacious and convivial dining room with its traditional log fire is perfect for relaxing and sharing stories at the end of the day. Windows on all three side provide spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Garden Café & Bar

A taste of paradise

With its colourful array of flowers, the soft sounds of running water, and shade from our mature lime trees, our garden café and bar (open June-September) is the perfect spot to relax after a long hike or to just while away the hours with a good book.
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The Stillpoint

A purpose-built gathering space to reconnect with ourselves and with nature

Purposefully constructed from wood and glass, The Stillpoint's inspiring octagonal practice space can comfortably accommodate 20+ participants for a wide variety of gatherings, including yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, or team-building.
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The Deck

A secluded outdoor practice space open to the elements

Hidden away in the Lodge’s secluded, walled garden and overlooked by a small statue of the Buddha, the Deck is where the senses come alive. The sounds of bird song, harmonious tubular chimes and gentle running water will soothe your soul. Lift your gaze over the neighboring roofs to the summits of the surrounding mountains and open your eyes to new horizons. The stillness and calm of this protected yet open space will allow your heart to rest and your mind to soar.

This is where you will find Caroline in the early mornings, greeting the sunrise, beginning her day with Stillness in Action. You are welcome to join her for the morning practice – a great way to start your day and a unique opportunity to discover a variety of practices including yoga, chi kung, t’ai chi and meditation. 

You are also welcome to use the space and the materials provided to experience your own regular practice in this unique environment.

The Labyrinth

An intriguing space for play or meditation

Composed of 7 concentric layers, the Lauvitel Labyrinth is based on an early 11th century design by a Benedictine monk at Abingdon Abbey in England. Inspired by the peace and joy it brings to walk a labyrinth, its original intention was to encourage those walking to Lauvitel Lake to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Since then, it has found its own rhythm and plays many different roles. In the summer months, you will often find children running amongst the stones and following the grass paths. It takes a lot more courage as an adult to walk this path. When arriving on holiday, or beginning a retreat experience, this is the perfect way to unwind and be fully present in your time here. 

Upon entering the labyrinth, you are immediately invited to slow down. Circling back on yourself, yet still moving forwards, you will travel from the west corner (of appreciation) to the north corner (of letting go), then on to the east (where there are new beginnings) and from there to the south (which brings clarity), before eventually arriving in the centre. This practice, or walking meditation, brings you fully to the present moment, living and breathing just as you are, here and now. From this point, you are free to gently weave your way outwards, with lightness of step and clarity of mind.

The Secret Garden

A space to grow in harmony with nature

Like all new projects, the latest addition to Lauvitel Lodge is gently finding its way to becoming a place for meditation and reflection, with an experimental permaculture garden, an outdoor workshop space and a firepit for gathering around in the evenings.

Tucked away between the hamlet and the forest, with the alpine meadows behind, The Secret Garden is a meeting point of wilderness and humanity, where we can rediscover our intimate relationship with nature and explore new ways of being.

At the far end of the garden, a small wooden cabin has its own wood-burning stove and the potential to serve as the perfect base for an outdoor living experience. Our plans include the addition of a compost toilet and outdoor shower and, to be sure, a secluded space simply to do nothing.
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