Lauvitel Lodge offers all the comforts of a family-run hotel in a magical environment that invites you to rest and revitalise...
Available June-September for stays of 2 nights or more, Lauvitel Lodge’s ten guest rooms offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.
Available from September-June, Lauvitel Lodge’s spacious self-catering chalets are ideal for a winter getaway with family or friends in the heart of nature. 
Lauvitel Lodge’s landscaped gardens and many intriguing spaces and features create the perfect setting to experience extraordinary moments of peace and tranquility.
Open June-September, our garden café and bar is the perfect spot to relax after a long hike or to just while away the hours with a good book.
Beautifully constructed of wood and glass, The Stillpoint provides an extraordinary practice space that invites us to reconnect with nature and explore new possibilities.
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