Expert in the organization of hiking and yoga retreats for 14 years, passionate about nature, and a follower of yoga and meditation since my youngest age. I offer you a yoga and meditation hiking retreat in the Ecrins National Park and the beautiful Veneon valley called "Little Nepal", a wild, mythical and secret place.

Turquoise lakes, larch forests, rivers, alpine meadows, glaciers, an ideal place for lovers of nature and pristine spaces! Real time of pause and pure moment of healing.

This stay alternates between hikes, discoveries, yoga, spa and time for yourself. An ideal time to regenerate... and recharge your batteries.


The awakening will be done gently by a short yoga session in order to start the day with calm and serenity. We will then share a delicious and hearty breakfast in the light of the first colors of the day. Then departure for the magnificent hike of the day where the wild nature, the majestic glaciers, the forests and the breathtaking landscapes of this secret valley will be there.

Every day, you will discover a new route accessible to all (if you regularly practice an endurance sport) combining hiking and bodily awakening through yoga, mindful walking, silvotherapy, barefoot walking and meditation with Rachel. A cocktail of zen and letting go, the best recipe for total rejuvenation.

To crown the end of our stay, you will enjoy a privileged moment of relaxation at the Hammam of Marie Claude, a magical and so rare place, hidden in St Christophe en Oisans. The days will end with a stretch yoga session (between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.) facing the last rays of the setting sun on the peaks... feelings of well-being and fullness guaranteed... The sessions will take place alternately indoors and outside.

The evening will end around a good gourmet dinner (with organic and local products) followed by a night meditation at 9:30 p.m. for those who wish... No wifi, just nature and calm.

Day 1 Arrival at 2 p.m. in Briançon
Day 6 Dispersal at 3 p.m.

Vegetarian stay.
Introduction to Ayurveda

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