Give yourself time to follow the thread of clarity and meaning.

If you need a break from the daily grind, to re-invent your vision of the world and return to self-expression, then come and immerse yourself in the present moment to allow your creativity to flow freely through your heart, body and mind.

An opportunity to clarify your values and motivations, and what makes you happy, so that you can refocus on what’s essential.

Our intention: to support you in following what’s right for you and help you to free yourself from what limits you. Stimulate your mental flexibility in a non-judgemental way to help you through your transitions. Enable you to access your imagination and intuition and move from dreams to action by taking concrete steps.

We will respect each person’s pace; our priorities will be kindness and self-care. If you need it, we offer one-to-one, personalised discussions.

You’ll leave with your own ideas for daring to create your own life!

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