5 days out of time, back to your roots far from your obligations, a protective bubble to dare to awaken your mediumnity.
"In the silence, your soul speaks to you".

Why participate in the EDM Retreat?

Today you are looking for your place and you doubt the messages you receive. You don't know how to use your perceptions.

Either fear is blocking you. Or you are wasting your time trying lots of tricks and you end up exhausted and completely lost.

Most mediums, therapists or coaches will teach you their methods, give you the benefit of their experience and stop there. That's not bad, but what's good for them is not necessarily good for you.

In The School of Mediums I guide you to build your own unique custom-made Ritual. This is the secret to helping others in harmony with who you really are.
(without being "eaten" by toxic people, nor spending long hours memorizing protocols imposed by those who believe they hold THE only truth)

The retreat program is centered around these 5 strings:

  1. Calm: calm your mind to open and close the channel in consciousness
  2. Vibration: raise your vibratory state to capture safely
  3. Community: integrating a network of progress and support so you don't feel alone
  4. Experience: experiment with tools to satisfy your curiosity and reconnect to natural ancestral knowledge
  5. Posture: anchor your posture to transmit messages with accuracy and help others

Come live a unique experience of reconnection to your soul, to the rhythm of powerful practices such as (non-contractual and non-exhaustive list):

  • travel in an altered state of consciousness,
    sitting or moving meditation,
    soul reading (in transmission and in reception),
    oracle drawing and pendulum questions,
    channeling to meet with your guide,
    Celine's teachings transmitted without filter with accuracy and emotion,
  • shared experience feedback (speech is never mandatory and silence is always respected)...
    and many other surprises.

The EDM Retreat is open to students of the School of Psychics, all classes (beginners as well as initiates) and to outsiders who are called to walk alongside Céline to develop their mediumnity. Please note that priority and special rates are reserved for EDM students.

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