Continuing their series of annual collaborations, Caroline and Jos are offering another winter to spring retreat, exploring the role of stillness as it sustains and guides our actions.

The spring retreat “Engaging Stillness” invites you to create space and establish peace within yourself. When this is present, you can move into action with clarity, power and joy. By cultivating your inner wisdom, you’ll learn how to be all of who you are and give yourself the freedom to grow and live life to the full.

We will discover the peace (yin) and power (yang) that is established when stillness becomes the source of our actions. Through the practice of t’ai chi, walking meditation, and calligraphy, we get to play and experience this delicious dynamic between stillness and action.

In the heart of the French Alps, we are re-sourced by the mountains and all the natural elements. As we reconnect with our own point of stillness, it becomes possible to engage openly and powerfully with our deeply held intentions.

This total commitment to the experience of tranquility allows a profound renewal to take place. Those with much experience and novice alike are welcome. The structure of the course is designed to be accessible and interesting for all levels.

On the program

  • Meditation, channeling the energy of the group to help you explore and engage deeply with this practice.
  • Zen calligraphy to both lose and rediscover yourself in this subtle art of putting ink on paper.
  • Simple t’ai chi movements that resource us, reveal our habits in interactions with others, and offer new possibilities for interacting differently.
  • Walks and strolls in the enchanting snowy mountain landscape to enrich your perception and augment your sense of presence.


“Caroline and Jos work together and complement each other perfectly. They bring the training to life, listening to each other and the group, and adapting at all times. I love Zen calligraphy! The pleasure of the meditative black mark on the white sheet, preparing the ink slowly, in silence. Water, ink, brush, paper and ritual: a delight! I also really enjoyed the practices. Both the morning Chi Kung outdoors and the learning of the ancient section of the Tai Chi form, which I practised regularly for several months afterwards. Clearly an enjoyable and fruitful stay! I’m already signing up for the next one.
– Elisabeth Beaupere

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