Marie Rousseau

Summarizing one’s career is always so reductive… We are the sum of what we live, the result of our experiences, a little more than yesterday, a little less than tomorrow, in perpetual evolution, always.

I discovered yoga in 2009 with Jacqueline Fauville (Brussels, Van Lysebeth tradition). Ah yoga… A real encounter that gradually and permanently changed my way of seeing the world, of interacting with it and of living my own life.

In 2011, I started a 4 year course to train as a yoga teacher and in 2014, I made the choice to leave Brussels where I was working as a lawyer specialized in labor law for a calmer life in the countryside and a professional reorientation. 

What fascinates me is the way in which each person can, in his or her own way and in his or her everyday life, cultivate and preserve good health, physically, emotionally, mentally, and nourish his or her spiritual life, thanks to the regular practice of yoga (in a form adapted to the needs and stiffness of each person), meditation and a healthy lifestyle (through diet, a life in adequacy with the seasons, one’s age, and one’s deepest constitution). This conviction underlies my work and leads me to accompany people who wish to do so in this search for balance and coherence, based in particular on the teachings of ayurveda (literally Science of Life of Indian tradition) while adapting it to the specificities of our countries. Learn more about me.


Facebook: Yoga des Collines

Phone: +32 479 790 604


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