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Relax... You Have Arrived

Lauvitel Lodge is the perfect place to try out a spiritual practice or two, such as yoga or T’ai Chi Chuan. Enjoy the luxury of taking time for yourself in the heart of nature and the comfort of being cared for by others. You will come away feeling rested and revitalised, with an inner calm that gives you outer strength to fully live your life.

You can pre-reserve any of these services when booking your room, or any time prior to arrival.  

Morning Practice

Start your day with a spring in your step!

Join Caroline on the deck for a free morning practice session and start your day with stretching, yoga, T’ai Chi Chuan or Chi Kung before heading to breakfast. Whether you are new to this kind of practice or it is something you do regularly yourself, you will find it is a great way to start your day here in the mountains. More than this, it is something that you can take home with you, bringing the magic of the mountains into your everyday life.

Individual Sessions

Reiki with Caroline

Caroline has many guises at the Lodge but one of her favorites is being a Reiki Master and letting this guide her in both her personal and professional life. She offers individual Reiki sessions to those who are curious and to those who are already familiar with it.

Reiki provides deep healing on a purely energetic level allowing you to relax in a profound way that is more restorative than sleep, release blockages from past experiences that are held in the body memory, and rebalance the body in a way that is revitalizing and liberating.

Individual 1 hour session:  75 
Pre-reserve when booking your room!

Fascia well-being with Elisabeth

Trained by Danis Bois, founder of fasciatherapy, and his team, Elisabeth offers Perceptive Pedagogy Accompaniment.

Her hands are placed on your body, while you are dressed, lying down or seated, and follow and accompany the movement that animates the fascias and connective tissues. Gently they respond to the internal demand and invite the slowed down zones to wake up to gain amplitude, speed, orientation and depth.

You gradually find a tranquility, a softness, a fluid mobility that calms your thoughts and makes you feel a soft and warm well-being.

The experience is unique each time and for each person.

Individual 1 hour session:  75
Pre-reserve when booking your room!

T'ai Chi Chuan with Caroline

Both a martial art and a meditation in motion, T’ai Chi Chuan is a process you can use to align mind and body. Whether you are looking to improve your performance, enrich your holiday, or recover from burnout, you will find this one-hour session both enlightening and transformational.

Using simple movements that are accessible to participants of all ages, Caroline brings her experience as a sports coach and her expertise as a life coach to reveal

  • where you block your energy flow (wood)
  • where you overcommit, leaving yourself vulnerable (air)
  • when fluidity and relaxation would serve you (water)
  • what it feels like to be fully in your power (fire)

You will come away feeling grounded and clearer about who you are and what you want.

Individual 1 hour session:  75

Do Your Own Thing...

For those who like to do their own thing, we have a refreshing plunge pool, private stretch deck with yoga mats and other equipment at your disposal. 
  • Plunge Pool

    Continually fed from the mountain stream, so it is always deliciously cold and extremely refreshing!

  • Stretch Deck

    Guests have exclusive access to our secluded stretch deck, with yoga mats, foam rollers and meditation cushions at your disposal.

  • The Stillpoint

    Available for use by our guests upon request, The Stillpoint's inspiring octagonal practice space invites you to reconnect with yourself and with nature.

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