Kundalini yoga – active meditation – meditative walking – hiking – creativity

This holiday will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of practice. An experience to connect with yourself, to find your own axis. An ascent beyond the physical body, or in the breath, by the breath, through respectful postures, chosen gestures, accompanied by vibratory chants and, in the vital energy, you will go to the meeting of your inner being. To unify the complementary principles of the feminine and the masculine, in a gentle quality of presence with the complete being that you are.

You can also explore meditative, contemplative walking, where step by step you can become aware of your movement and your displacement, listening, observing and feeling what nature, in all its beauty and complexity, has to offer you.

Be in the present and appreciate…


Jun 13, 2024 @17:00

Jun 18, 2024 @14:30


From 745€
5 nights full board + teaching, activities, hiking



Registration & Contact

Registration closes: Wednesday 15th May 2024
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Host Details

Kundalini Yoga teacher and Holistic Therapy accompanist.

I have been involved in an initiatory process for several years. I trained at the Tantra school in Juillac (33). Kundalini Yoga has enabled me to meet myself deeply, to undertake a process of transformation and to explore certain aspects of my being through practice and the breath. I have chosen to live this commitment to the full and to stay as close as possible to my truth, with awareness and kindness. I accompany and pass on this discipline to anyone who wants to be on a path of awakening and healing, in love, energy and creativity.

I now teach in Marseille and Aix. I also offer individual therapeutic sessions.


Lauvitel Lodge
La Danchère, 38520 Les Deux Alpes, France

On arriving at Lauvitel Lodge, you will immediately be struck by the tranquil beauty of the gardens and the light openness of the house. Simply being here is already enough to transport you to another state of being. In this small corner of paradise, you can hear the birds sing, rest in the sounds of flowing streams, breathe the fresh, clean air, taste the purity of the water, walk barefoot on the earth, and wonder at the stars in the night sky.

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