A time for self-invention

Give yourself time to follow the thread of clarity and meaning.

If you need a break from the daily grind, to re-invent your vision of the world and return to self-expression, then come and immerse yourself in the present moment to allow your creativity to flow freely through your heart, body and mind.

An opportunity to clarify your values and motivations, and what makes you happy, so that you can refocus on what’s essential.

Our intention: to support you in following what’s right for you and help you to free yourself from what limits you. Stimulate your mental flexibility in a non-judgemental way to help you through your transitions. Enable you to access your imagination and intuition and move from dreams to action by taking concrete steps.

We will respect each person’s pace; our priorities will be kindness and self-care. If you need it, we offer one-to-one, personalised discussions.

You’ll leave with your own ideas for daring to create your own life!

Programme - What's Included

Your programme: an immersion in nature and a wealth of inspiration, with guided discussions and sharing of experiences.

  • Creative and playful exploration workshops – practical guided practice to give shape to your desires. Simple, accessible exercises (landart, cut-outs, colours, collages, writing, etc.) will facilitate the natural creative impulse of your inner feelings. The use of images will help you to discover how you function and identify your representations so that you can better defuse them by letting go of your mind.
  • Teachings to broaden your horizons. They provide an alternative point of view that enables you to transform a negative situation into a constructive dynamic. Sowing the seeds of self-discovery.
  • Awakening the body to breathe, ground yourself and feel with your whole body.
  • Conscious walks in the 5 senses to immerse ourselves in the present moment with rituals.
  • Visualisations and guided meditations for moments of relaxation and inwardness
  • Free time to enjoy the view and the surrounding nature


Reiki treatments with Caroline and fascia well-being with Elisabeth available by prior arrangement (€75 per person for a one-hour individual session).


Jul 24, 2024 @16:00

Jul 28, 2024 @16:00


From 775€
4 nights full board with entertainment and equipment included -10% if you register before 24 May



Registration & Contact

Registration closes: Sunday 21st July 2024

Host Details

Christine has been running personal development workshops for over 12 years.

Her retreats and courses are aimed at people who want to find the path to greater balance, set up projects and transform the way they live and experience life. She offers them a practical approach to clarifying their ideas, getting through transitions as smoothly as possible and boosting their confidence in their ability to act.

As a facilitator of change, she accompanies them with creativity tools drawn from her Canadian training to train their minds to open up to the exploration necessary for any transformation.


Lauvitel Lodge
La Danchère, 38520 Les Deux Alpes, France

On arriving at Lauvitel Lodge, you will immediately be struck by the tranquil beauty of the gardens and the light openness of the house. Simply being here is already enough to transport you to another state of being. In this small corner of paradise, you can hear the birds sing, rest in the sounds of flowing streams, breathe the fresh, clean air, taste the purity of the water, walk barefoot on the earth, and wonder at the stars in the night sky.

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