Teach at Lauvitel

Take Your Practice to New Heights

Discover a unique alpine gathering space that invites you and your clients to reconnect with nature and explore new possibilities.

What if you could come away from your next workshop feeling just as nurtured and refreshed as your own participants?

At Lauvitel Lodge, we know how much energy, planning, and focus it takes to deliver profound and meaningful experiences. You can count on the support of our experienced team before, during and after your event, so that you are always at your best to do what you do best. 

  • Individual and Group Retreats for up to 20 people
  • Healthy food aligned with your event
  • A selection of indoor and outdoor spaces adapted to different activities
  • Close proximity and easy access to a varied natural and cultural experiences
  • A stunning and peaceful natural setting
  • Well-being services including Massage, T’ai Chi Kung, Reiki and Meditation
  • Knowledgeable and sensitive guidance
  • Support services specifically designed for retreats hosts

Inspired by nature

The wide variety of natural environments surrounding the Lodge means that you can always find the right mix of nature-inspired experiences to match the dynamics of your group and ensure that participants stay focused and present at all times.

In tune with the seasons

While Lauvitel Lodge is open all year round, we recommend hosting your event in Spring or Autumn. This is where the constantly evolving cycle of the seasons is most evident, offering an infinite variety of opportunities to enrich your teaching.

Secluded, but accessible

Located in the secluded alpine hamlet of La Danchère, on the edge of the Ecrins National Park, Lauvitel Lodge is just one hour's drive from Grenoble and within easy reach of Lyon and Geneva.

Design your perfect gathering

Offer your participants a truly relaxing and stimulating break in beautiful and inspiring natural surroundings.

Open Plan

Host your own pre-prepared programme and benefit from exclusive use of Lauvitel Lodge and The Stillpoint practice space, plus advice from our team on how to make best use of the Lodge facilities and surrounding natural elements to enrich the experience for your participants.

Blended programme

Enhance your practice with a range of complementary nature-inspired guided activities designed to expand and deepen your participants’ understanding of your teachings.

Bespoke experience

We will work with you to design and facilitate a completely tailored program that combines your own practices with bespoke nature-inspired activities designed to meet the specific needs of your group.

Let's Connect!

Let us help you design an extraordinary experience that will delight your clients and add a whole new dimension to your coaching practice.
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Download our guide

Lauvitel Retreats - Seven key elements to enhance your seminars

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The Stillpoint Gathering Space

The Stillpoint is our purposefully designed practice space. The beautiful wood and glass construction forms a protective crucible that is open to the influence of the natural elements and can accommodate groups of up to 20 participants. 
Purposefully designed
A 90m² octagonal space that can accommodate groups of up to 20 participants and a wide range of wellness practices, workshops, and seminars.
Naturally comfortable
Beautiful wooden construction, with underfloor heating, wood-burning stove, storage closets. Meditation and yoga mats available on request.
Open to the elements
Roof windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls combine to provide maximum light and openness to the surrounding natural elements.
Learn more about The Stillpoint
octagonal indoor space
fully folding glass walls opening to the outdoors
Velux windows with mountain views
max group size
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