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Mind & Body Stillness

Online Program

Regain Stability, Strength and Confidence in Your Life

With 7 Proven and Sustainable Practices

to Align Your Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit

Mind & Body Stillness Online Program

Follow these simple practices to help you stay centred, gain clarity and take action, even if this is something you tend to struggle with.

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Develop mastery of your mind, body, heart, and spirit
so that stress no longer hooks you in or drags you down
Hi, I'm Caroline!

- Author
- Certified Professional Coach (CPCC)
- Doctor of Social Psychology (LSE)
- Reiki and T'ai Chi Master
- Entrepreneur and owner of Lauvitel Lodge
- Expatriate mother of two amazing children
- Mountain and nature addict

I have a tendency to over-indulge in “fire” mode - to be ‘full on’ busy in action all the time. This continually creates the danger of becoming overwhelmed and over-stressed.

When I lose my ability to connect with the other 5 elements, it leaves me out of balance and vulnerable to whatever is going on around me. I needed a regular practice to re-establish balance in my daily life.

The system I have developed is built on years of personal development and leadership training. It integrates my practice of T’ai Chi and the healing energy work of Reiki, combined with a profound connection with nature’s natural sources.

With the launch of my new Mind & Body Stillness online program, I'm excited to share with you everything I’ve learnt, reconnecting you with the energy of nature and wisdom of the body, helping you become a master of how you respond to stress.

Photo of Caroline Purkhardt smiling in the forest

Join me and experience the 7 practices that will give you the confidence to face any situation that comes your way. Learn to be present in the moment and know that you are enough, without stretching yourself to your limits or letting feelings of self doubt get in the way.

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Program currently available
in English only

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