Each Spring, I am reminded of the famous line from Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises: “Gradually, then suddenly.”

Here in the French Alps, Spring tends to come gradually – often several weeks behind the rest of the country. This is where all the quiet reflection and preparations of winter slowly move into something visible, gaining momentum and changing with each passing day. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the garden. The buds slowly emerging, the birds taking up song, blades of grass slowly pushing through the remaining patches of snow…

… And then, suddenly, everything seems to burst into action all at once! Spring energy has its own dynamic. It wants to move ahead and spread in all directions. New projects, new possibilities, new challenges… It can all feel quite overwhelming. Like a good gardener, we need to let that energy express itself, observe and be surprised at what emerges, let it “do its thing” before attempting to direct it and “spring into action” ourselves.

Workshops and retreats

If you need a little extra help directing your own energies this spring, then consider attending one of our upcoming workshops or retreats! Far from the tumult of the city and your daily routine, Lauvitel Lodge is the perfect place to take stock of where you are and what direction you want to take from here.

­Our workshops and retreats combine wellbeing practices such as yoga and t’ai chi, mindfulness and meditation, reiki and massage with being outdoors in nature and benefiting from the stillness, power and beauty of the mountains. Whatever brings you here, you will find ample time and space to reconnect with yourself and benefit from the support and guidance you need.

A perfect time for cyclists

We have once again seen less snow this winter than usual. This means the local “cols” (summits) will be open earlier this year, making mid-June to early July a perfect time for cyclists to visit while the weather is a little cooler, the roads quieter, and the mountains particularly beautiful for cycling. When you take on the mythical rides of the Oisans valley, you need to know that you and your bike are going to be well cared for. Many cyclists come back year after year because they enjoy the amazing rides in the immediate vicinity and the incredibly relaxed atmosphere of the Lodge.

Building a “fluid team”

Spring is when I start building my summer team. I long believed that bringing together a group of diverse talents to perform effectively in a high-intensity environment for a relatively short period was a challenge specific to the tourist trade. Yet it’s clear that more and more people now work within such “fluid teams.” To perform at their best, a fluid team needs a sense of security, direction, and shared purpose. When we engage each team member actively and trust in their abilities, anything becomes possible. I have been employing this approach with my summer teams for years and now offer courses to help other professionals and leaders do the same. If you’re interested in mastering the art of fluid teams, then check out our Teaming with Purpose experiences…

We are hiring!

… and if you know someone who would be interested in spending two to three months working in the stunning natural beauty of the French Alps in a unique nurturing environment that supports and accompanies both their personal and professional growth, then please let them know that we are hiring!

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