This past year has been one of transition for many of us. Here at Lauvitel Lodge, we have been hard at work imagining the future. The completion of our new Stillpoint practice space earlier this year has brought with it fresh energy and renewed focus on our vision for the future of Lauvitel Lodge as the hub of a thriving community of practice.

The lodge itself has undergone numerous renovations in the past twelve months. We completed the French translation of my Stillness in Action book. We renewed and expanded our Slow Down in Oisans initiative for summer visitors. We designed and developed a new online program offering. We also paid extra attention to our staff and volunteers this year, ensuring they had everything they needed to work serenely and effectively in service of our guests, even throughout the hectic summer season.

To better reflect this transition and serve as a foundation for the next chapter in the life of Lauvitel Lodge, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. Rebuilt from the ground up, with streamlined navigation and a brand new reservation system, the new site simplifies the booking process for our guests and does a much better job of presenting the many facilities and offerings to be found at Lauvitel Lodge.

We invite you to explore our new site to learn more about our mission and values, our upcoming workshops and retreats, and the many wonderful experiences that await you here in the Oisans Valley.

Start planning your next visit today! We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new site and to seeing you soon at Lauvitel Lodge.

— Caroline.

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